Parks & Rides

Here are a few parks, pony rides, etc. that kids of all ages as well as the adults will definitely enjoy.

Animal parks

Réserve Africaine de Sigean

The Reserve Africaine de Sigean is an African safari park, with Zebras, bears, lions, giraffes, reptiles, birds and many other attractions in a very large zoo. Start with a 30 minute driving safari, and spend the rest of the day walking around the rest of the park. Plan on being there for at least 4 hours or more, and bring a picnic (or two) to make the most out of the day. Water fountains to refill bottles are available throughout the park. Go early to avoid the longer car queues and crowds, and the hot afternoon weather! It will take about 1h15 to get there from Le Trabet.

Parc Australien

The Parc Australien offers a place to discover Australian animals. Don’t miss the friendly wallabys! Feeding the animals is only part of the fun; there are many other activities available as well. One can easily spend half a day here.

Adventure parks

The O2 Adventure ropes course with many courses and several difficulties for the whole family. Enjoy being up in the trees for half a day! Some of the courses are quite challenging and high up and are a lot of fun, while others are child-friendly.

Water parks and lakes

The Parc Aquaviva is a fun water park with plenty of activities to choose from. Great to get away from the heat for the day and enjoy water activities with the whole family. Expect it to be quite full on weekends and public holidays, so try to go during the week. Bring along food and drink to enjoy a picnic there. And definitely don’t forget the sunscreen!

Base de loisirs Saint-Férréol

The base de Loisirs at the Saint-Férréol lake also has several water activities to offer, including boating and sailing. The lake itself is also nice for a walk or a picnic.

The lac de la Cavayère does not have activities itself, but is a nice lake for swimming, walking and a picnic.


Aqualand in Port Leucate is just over an hours drive away.

Fun parks

Royal Kids

The Royal Kids fun park is just around the corner in Carcassonne. This is definitely more of a kids park.

Europark Vias

The Europark in Vias is one of the major fun-parks in France. It is about a 1h45 drive from Le Trabet, and close to some beaches as well. Can be done as a day trip.

Pony rides

There are several nice pony rides for families and children in the area. The pony ride in Pommayrac is very nice and caters to people of all ages.